HDPE HDPE 1111 Nine-feet Export Plastic Pallet for Warehousing

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1.Nesting function and capability to stack upon each other which could save up to at least 50% more space.
2.Very light and easy to be handled manually which make them incredibly great for air freights.
3.These plastic pallets are develop to transport your product at low cost and popular for export purpose.
4.Hygiene, strong durability and do not corrode. It is washable and does not generate fungus and bacteria.

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Nine-feet Pallet: These common plastic pallets are also technically skids. Nine-feet pallets have nine evenly spaced feet instead of runners that allow the pallets to nest inside each other. The legs are formed by creating a depression in the pallet’s surface when it is manufactured.
1.The pallet has a neat appearance and is easy to clean and sterilize.
2.No nails and no thorns, no accidental damage to the goods during the packaging process.
3.No fumigation, reduce procedures for exporting goods, and speed up capital turnover.
4.Broken plastic pallets can be recycled and processed to be used as raw material for other items.

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Model No. JW-1111 Type Nine-feet Plastic Pallet
Length 1100mm(43.31in) Style Single Faced
Width 1100mm(43.31in) Usage Logistic Transport & Storage
Height 145mm(5.71in) Customized Options Logo/Color/Size
Static Load 1.5t Rack Load /
Dynamic Load 0.5t Weight 10.4kg



The flexible use of Longshenghe plastic pallets provides all convenience and efficiency during transportation.No matter what kind of environment, no matter what kind of usage like palletizing, racking, or warehousing, we can perfectly adapt to your needs, our nine-feet ‘s excellent carrying capacity is undoubtedly your first choice.

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  • Q: How can I choose the suitable plastic pallet?
    A: It depends on 3 main factors:
    1.The design of the pallet, we have three-runners type, and six-runners type,nine-feet type and double sided type.
    2. The material of the pallet, normally HDPP or HDPE, we also have different levels of those like Virginal, General, Recycled, and Black materials.
    3. The method of production, generally it is injection molding and blowing molding.
    Just tell us your needs and requirements, we will select the right pallet for you.

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