Longshenghe GMT Pallets For Block Making Machine Glass Fibre GMT Brick Pallets

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GMT fiberglass pallet can be used to produce cement bricks of different sizes. GMT fiberglass pallet has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness and high cost performance.Our company can customize and produce various sizes of high-quality GMT fiberglass brick pallets according to different needs of customers.

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No. Characteristics Technical Indicator Outstanding Performance
1  Rigidity Elasticity Modulas 3.7 GP No Deformation
2 High Load Bearing Max load 2.0 kN
Bending Strength 51.0 MPa
Stand big pressure, high load, and brings no rupture
3 Anti-abrasion Rockwell Hardness 70 Long Life Span
4 Anti-impact Withstand Impact of 20KJ/㎡ Vibration Resistant, Anti-fall, and no Cracking
5 Weather Resistant Temperature between
Insolation Resistant, Anti-aging, Steam Curing
6 Erosion Resistant Resistance of most Acid, Alkali, and Salt Protect inner steel and bamboo against rust and mildew
7 No Water Immersion Water Immersion Rate<0.2%
8 Life Span > 6 years Low Cost for each day
9 Damage rate 0.1% damage within 6 years
10 Deviation Thickness ±1mm, length ±2mm
11 Warranty 3 years




Raw materials

Our GMT pallet is made of glass fiber as the reinforcement material and thermoplastic resin as the base material and is made by crushing, heating, cooling, pressurizing, and other methods.All materials are recyclable. Longshenghe adheres to the concept of maximizing resource utilization and an environment-friendly production environment. Come join us to contribute to the cause of environmental protection.