pallet PVC glass fiber hollow block concrete block pallet for concrete block making machine

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GMT fiberglass pallet can be used to produce cement bricks of different sizes. GMT fiberglass pallet has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness and high cost performance.Our company can customize and produce various sizes of high-quality GMT fiberglass brick pallets according to different needs of customers.

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Size All sizes could be customized
Bending Strength 30Mpa Water absorption <0.01%
Flexural modulus 2.3Gpa Impact strength 25KJ/m²
Vica softening point >90℃ ToleranceTemperature 110°C



Raw materials

Our GMT pallet is made of glass fiber as the reinforcement material and thermoplastic resin as the base material and is made by crushing, heating, cooling, pressurizing, and other methods.All materials are recyclable. Longshenghe adheres to the concept of maximizing resource utilization and an environment-friendly production environment. Come join us to contribute to the cause of environmental protection.


Stable placement of goods is suitable for production and storage

Non-slip material, the goods are not easy to fall off

The rough surface provides the pallet with special properties of non-slip and wear-resisting, which ensures that the goods will not slip off during transportation and effectively avoid possible damage caused by falling.


High strength and long time use cost-effective

Rugged construction and long service life

The surface is smooth and flat, the fiber brick pallet is now made into a smooth and flat surface, the size is very accurate, and the size difference is within 1mm; its surface is almost like the palette surface PVC brick.

Surface hardness shore: 76D. 100 minutes vibration with materials and pressure. The brick machine screws off, the pallet is not destructed, and surface wear is about 0.5mm.


Flame resistant, high temperature resistant and not easy to deformation

High Impact Resistant

Anti-high and low temperature being used at min 20 degrees, the GMT pallet won't deform or crack.
GMT pallet is able to withstand the high temperature of 60-90℃, won't easily deform, and is suitable for steam curing, but PVC pallet is easy to deform at a high temperature of 60 degrees.


Chemical resistance, suitabie for multple scemarios

Chemical resistance&environmentally friendly

Chemical properties: anti-rust, anti-acid, anti-foaming, water-resistant; these chemical properties are like PVC brick pallets, better than bamboo plywood, wooden pallets; not like rusted steel plates. Fiber brick support has low-temperature resistance and high-temperature resistance characteristics. PVC brick support will become soft in high temperatures and brittle in low-temperature weather.Ecological environment, because the fiber pallet for the block machines uses scraps from the roof, it is more friendly to our global environment.


Wear-resistant and waterproof

Wear-resistant and waterproof

Water absorption rate <1%, applicable to a variety of scenarios, there will be no mold or deterioration caused by water.


Application Scenario

GMT pallets are generally used in production and construction related industries together with brick making machines. Its solid internal structure and wear-resistant outer layer are trustworthy.




Longshenghe Fiber pallets is for those who:

AWant LighterStronger,Safer Pallets:At around 25kgLongshenghe pallets are easy for a single person to handle.They offer a higher load capacity than wood pallets with increased durability.

Want Reliable Pallets: All our products are certified by CE and ISO9001 systen,and our brands are officially certified by TUV.

Want Saving Cost:Plastic pallets of multiple types of materials allow for flexible options while ensuring basic capacity.

Want Responsive Customer Service: We place a premium on customer satisfaction and our customer service representatives provide unmatched care and service


Q: Can I have my customized type and logo?
A: Yes, of course. We are good at customized products, any needs of customization or OEM service, please contact us for more information. For appearance change, like Logo, outlook adding, print it would be easy to achieve.

Q: Can I have a sample for testing?
A: We are pleasured to offer sample for your check and testing, and also believe our products will satisfy you.

Q: Do you accept Paypal, Weston Union,and trade assurance except of TT and L/C?
A: Don’t worry, all our work is to help you get satisfied products and keep your money safe before receipt.

So we accept all payment method you choose.Q.How long can I get mass cargoes after payment?
A: Generally 10-15 days. Please contact us directly for details.

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