Precautions for using plastic pallets on shelves

To use plastic pallets on shelves, the premise is that steel pipes need to be built in, so as to reduce the deflection of plastic pallets, improve safety, make pallets not easy to deform, and prolong service life. In addition to the built-in steel pipe, what else should be paid attention to when putting the plastic pallet on the shelf? Come and find out together.货架-1

1. Determine whether different styles of plastic pallets can be built with steel pipes, and whether the number of steel pipes can meet your requirements.货架-2

2. Three runners pallets, double-sided pallets, and six runners pallets are commonly used for stacking.货架-3

3. There are strict standards for the load capacity of pallets. When stacking, the load capacity of the bottom plastic pallet must be considered, and overloading is strictly prohibited.货架-4

4. When different goods are stacked on the pallet, they must be arranged neatly and standardized according to the nature, specification and size of the goods, and if necessary, use packing belts to fix them. It is strictly forbidden to tilt and stack goods irregularly to avoid safety accidents.货架-5

5. When pallets are stacked, it is necessary to leave an appropriate gap between them and the wall, lighting, other stacks, roofs, pillars, etc. For example: the stacking spacing is 10 cm; the roof spacing is more than 50 cm. It is convenient for goods inventory, turnover and storage. When stacking goods, it is not recommended to exceed the edge of the pallet. Try to choose a pallet with a size and type that is more suitable for your products.货架-6

To sum up, the reasonable and standardized use of plastic pallets can effectively extend its service life and reduce the occurrence of accidents. Promote the standardization and normalized process of plastic pallets, and improve the production and storage efficiency of enterprises.

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Post time: May-12-2023