“Why recycled plastic products”——Help! The forest is almost gone!

We all know how important forests are to the entire planet; after all, they make up 30% of the land.

Forest-based ecosystems quietly support the earth, such as nourishing water, preventing wind and sand, resisting soil erosion, purifying air, regulating air, improving climate, and providing habitats for plants and animals to survive, and are an important barrier to maintaining the security of the earth's ecosystem.

But we are facing a situation where our forest systems are being severely damaged, trees are being cut down indiscriminately, wood is being consumed on a large scale, and if the current rate of destruction continues, the forest systems we currently have will be gone within a century.

Large-scale forestry and agricultural systems have been mercilessly destroyed by humans in a short period of time, leaving climate regulation out of balance and a large amount of greenhouse gases that cannot be neutralized as they were. There are two main causes affecting the atmospheric imbalance:

First, when trees are cut down, they will not be able to sustain their original function of neutralizing carbon dioxide.

Second, trees themselves reabsorb the gases that cause global warming, and a reduction in the amount of area covered means a reduction in this important tool.

Of course, in addition to their role in regulating climate, forests provide habitat for over 80% of the land's flora and fauna. When forests are destroyed, the habitat for flora and fauna is also destroyed, greatly reducing biodiversity, with some studies suggesting that between 4,000 and 6,000 rainforest species will become extinct each year.

It also directly affects the more than 2 billion humans who depend on forests for their survival, as the places where their ancestors have lived for generations are being destroyed.

Therefore, the protection of forests is very important, and we must change this situation in time, for our own sake and for the future.

Not only wood, but also plastic is eating away at this porous forest system, and we need to actively promote the use of recyclable plastic to avoid this tragic situation from happening again.


Post time: Aug-26-2022