Plastic Pallets: Your Definitive Guide.

There’s a reason companies are switching from wood to plastic pallets, and there’s a reason many retailers are asking them to replace. Plastic pallets are the next step, or inevitable outcome, in the evolution of unit load level transportation platforms. With many quantifiable benefits, companies that adopt plastic pallets as their primary transportation platform reduce their total cost of operations, and recyclable plastic improves supply chain sustainability.



The advantages of plastic pallet

1.Lightweight & easy to handle

2.Robust & durable strength

3.Non-absorbent & easy to clean

4.Sustainable & recyclable

5.No treatment needed for export

6.Reliable in automated warehouse system

Each pallet has its own strengths and characteristics that need to be matched to the industry scenario for which it is intended. Some pallets are designed to be unique to specific industries and regions, so they are not all-purpose. Choosing the right type of pallet for your business can improve supply chain efficiency and make your entire transportation chain smoother. Using our pallets will also make your business more environmentally friendly. At the same time, all our pallets are made with recyclable materials, compared to wooden pallets, our plastic pallets have no extra red tape our plastic pallets are recyclable and more environmentally friendly, we also try to avoid most of the environmental pollution during the production process, so you can say that using our pallets is to contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

To help you understand which type of tray you need, I will give you an overview of our tray types, features and usage scenarios in a follow-up article, so stay tuned!


Post time: Aug-22-2022