Plastic Pallet Sourcing Guide

Plastic pallet is a kind of logistics unit used with forklifts, racks and other logistics equipment. It can be used to store, load and carry goods, and is one of the essential logistics equipment in modern logistics and warehousing. The emergence of plastic pallets is to adapt to the needs of environmental protection, the use of plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets can reduce the destruction of forests of the best products; is to adapt to the development of logistics industry is an inevitable product, with the continuous strengthening of the concept of food safety, high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry hygiene, plastic pallets with its anti-corrosion, moisture, rust, resistance to insects, mold and other characteristics of the food, pharmaceutical industry and sought after. In addition, the high load-bearing performance and long service life of plastic pallets have a wide range of applications in the chemical industry, light textile, manufacturing and other fields.


Plastic Pallets

Classification of plastic pallets

Grid pallets: three-runners grid pallets, six-runners grid pallets, nine-feet grid pallets, double-sided grid pallets.
Flat pallets: three-runners flat pallets, six-runners flat pallets, nine-feet flat pallets, double-sided flat pallets.
Industry pallets: barrel water pallets, host factory pallets, printing industry pallets, tobacco industry pallets, liquor industry pallets, glass ceramic industry pallets, pharmaceutical industry pallets, etc..

Plastic pallet customization

1, plastic pallets in the production and processing, reserved for customers to print the company LOGO, warehouse, logo slogan, etc., to protect the customer’s private customization needs;

2, the default plastic pallet is blue, customers can customize other colors, such as: red plastic pallets, gray plastic pallets, blue plastic pallets, black plastic pallets, white plastic pallets, etc..

3, size customization, such as no special mass purchase, it is recommended to use the existing specifications size, size customization of plastic pallets is more expensive.

4, special working conditions customization, such as: anti-static pallet, conductive pallet, flame retardant pallet, low temperature (high temperature resistant) pallet, etc..

5, built-in steel pipe to increase the load-bearing, in special industries or need to increase the load-bearing plastic pallets, plastic pallets can be upgraded built-in steel pipe, in order to achieve the purpose of use.

Post time: Jul-22-2022