100%waterproof reusable gmt block pvc pallet

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Good Rigidty Production GMT Plastic Pallets For Concrete Block Machine

GMT Brick pallet is made from GMT material which stands for glass mat reinforced thermoplastics, and this material has been named”the most environmental friendly material in 21st century” for its rigidity, toughness, and recyclable characteristics. Our GMT brick pallet made from this material can be as solid as reinforced concrete, because the fiber in the pallet is structured like reinforced concrete.

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Name GMT Pallet
Raw material Glass fiber & Plastic
Density 1200kg/m3
Impact strength >30KJ/m2
Temperature tolerance 90 degree
Water absorption <0.01%
Bengding strength >60KJ/m2
Lifetime More than 5years

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1. Light weight: The density of GMT brick pallet is just 1.2g/cm.just 60-70% of pvc pallet.more ligher than steel pallet.

light weight can reduce the freight and can load more pieces pallets.
2. Impact resistant: You can hit it whatever you want, it is very strong.
3. Less bending: Our GMT pallet can meet the presssion demands of every brands brick making machine in the world.
4. Waterproof and corrosion resistant: PP pallet is waterproof and corrosion resistant.

5. Longer lifetime: GMT pallet can use More than 5 years.

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